You may have noticed my new health and wellness page sitting here with no posts written yet. I started the page because living a healthy life is more than creating healthy recipes (and enjoying the occasional indulgence). It’s about making choices everyday and establishing opportunities to make choices that benefit your life. So, with that in mind, I thought writing about Skinny Teatox would be the perfect way to start off this page that serves to inspire and challenge. Also, I never pass up an opportunity to win free stuff!

Tea mug sitting outdoors.

I first tried the 7-day Skinny Teatox (it also comes in 14 and 28-day increments) about a year ago. Since then, they’ve added tons of new products to their line! From chocolate and mint flavors to starter kits and cute accessories, their new items look amazing and I can’t wait to try them!

I normally don’t like brands that use the word “skinny” rather than words like healthy or fit– it’s a long story, but basically you can be healthy without being skinny. Plus, our society makes being skinny the ideal, yet shames those who are skinny… I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard “uggghh, you’re so skinny!” or “Omg, I hate you. You’re so skinny.” Those aren’t compliments, and if there was less emphasis on being thin and more on being fit, I think our negativity toward skinnier people would subside.

Tea inspiration

Nevertheless, Skinny Teatox is definitely a healthy product. The program consists of a morning tea, consumed every morning, and evening tea, consumed every other night before bed. You can read more about their natural ingredients that help you lose weight, cleanse, and detoxify here! I think of the Skinny Teatox as a way to jumpstart or boost your healthy habits and get on the right track. As their website says, “You’re not going to get skinny just by drinking a tea, especially if you live an unhealthy lifestyle.”

As long as you’re committing (or continuing) to eating healthy, there’s no need to change anything about your diet. Their website suggests eliminating foods such as fatty meats, empty carbs, and alcohol, but these are recommendations that should be followed in a healthy diet regardless. So there you have it, the benefits of the Skinny Teatox are abundant… and hopefully my cabinet will be generously filled with their products soon!

Tea in mug.