Health trends are my jam. I’m always on the lookout for sustainable ways to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Key word here: sustainable. So, you won’t find me juicing daily, fasting for days, or cutting out fruit because a low-carb diet told me to. But you better believe I’m all about superfoods and eating for my health (95% of the time). I mention the 95% thing because believe it or not, I ate chips with salsa and guac for dinner the other night… No protein, no complex carbohydrates. Literally just fat, simple carbs, and a whole lotta tastiness. Then I went and ate chicken and waffles for lunch (*gasp*). Again, tons of yummy in my tummy, but not much else.

If you’re wondering why I’m eating chicken when I always post vegetarian recipes, please allow me to explain in a (very) brief aside… I like to focus on experiences. And today, sharing the life-changing experience that is chicken and waffles with my brothers was a million times more important to me than any diet I could ever choose to follow. (Told you it was brief… hit me up if you have questions).

So, while I enjoy those fun—though infrequent—treats, I truly do love and believe in superfoods. I’ve been following a pretty simple regimen of no added (i.e. refined) sugar for over three months, and have added in several supplements. I went 30 days with no added sugar, and since then, I’ve indulged in sweet treats sparingly. So, I’d like to take a moment to elaborate on and explain the intention behind my no-added-sugar plan and the supplements that help me be my best!

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.

Sugar is crazy. It’s addictive, can cause insulin resistance, and guess what— it’s unsatisfying, so you won’t feel fulfilled after you indulge. For real, it’s science.  Furthermore, sugar intake is a major contributor to acne. That’s why I decided to lay off the sweet stuff and see what happened. After 30 days of no sugar, I felt healthier, had more energy, and simply felt more present. I notice that my breakouts become less severe with each additional week without sugar, and that’s all the evidence I need.

Siblings at Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI.

Hormones, Meet Superfoods.

No matter your age, gender, or weird hobbies, all of our bodies are controlled by hormones. You’re likely familiar with the hormones that commandeered your prepubescent brain back in the day, but hormones do a lot more than contribute to baby making. They control emotions, hunger, mood, and much more. While your 13-year-old brain was overcome by hormone-induced daydreams, you may have noticed that your face had a similar, though less carnal, experience. Hormones are a huge cause of acne and breakouts and, despite what Seventeen Magazine had me believe, they don’t magically disappear when you turn 20. That’s where superfoods like maca and acai come in. My favorite superfood supplements come from Organic Burst (Sadly, no… they didn’t pay me to say that). Allow me to save you time by outlining some benefits of my favorite supplements:

Superfood powders on counter

Spirulina is the first superfood supplement I ever tried and it’s a vegetarian’s (and vegan’s) dream. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12, all vitamins often found in meat, but rarely in veggies. It can help prevent the desire to overeat or eat when you’re not hungry, as well as support heart health and energy stabilization. Sound too good to be true? Get used to it… that’s why they’re called superfoods!

Maca is the second supplement that called my name. Known for its hormone balancing and energy-boosting powers, its nothing short of awesome. It’s also a wonderful way to tap those… sensual 😉 … feelings that (unlike acne) may not have stuck around after high school. Around June 2015, I made some choices that directly affected my hormones. After being regulated on a daily basis for five years, my newly free-flowing hormones were making themselves known—all over my face. Breakouts around the mouth and chin can indicate a hormone imbalance, but the good news is that maca totally takes care of it!

Acai is quickly rising to the all-star position in my superfood collection. It packs a huge antioxidant punch, which can help relieve effects of living in a big (polluted) city. It also contributes omega-3, 6, and 9, helping contribute to your skin’s overall radiance. Take it before bedtime to wake up looking truly rejuvenated.

Baobab is one superfood I’d actually never heard of until I found Organic Burst (I’m still not quite sure how to pronounce it). But after taking it for over two months, I’m a true believer in its amazing benefits. From immune support to energy and electrolyte balance, this citrusy supplement is super great.

So, there you have it… my candid, albeit simple, thoughts on the superfoods of the world. If you struggle with breakouts or acne, I strongly recommend limiting your sugar intake (along with caffeine) and adding maca and acai berry supplements to your daily routine. If you want more energy, I recommend maca and baobab. And if you crave internal healthification (I like made up words), try spirulina and baobab.

No matter what combination you choose, you’re sure to feel a difference! Give it at least 30 days and please, please, please set yourself up for success before you knock these wonderful superfoods. I love chips and queso as much as the next gal, but if you’re not giving your body what it needs on a daily basis, no amount of powders is going to help you. They’re super, not magical. So, they need a little help from your daily routine.

Let me know what superfoods you love! Whether they’re supplements or whole foods, I’d love to hear about them and what they do for you!